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  • DONA International Birth Doula Workshop

  • Dona International Introduction to childbirth for doulas


  • Madriella Birth Doula Certification

  • Madriella Postpartum Doula Certification

  • Madriella Professional Doula Certification

  • The VBAClink Advanced Doula Training

  • Rebozo for Pregnancy and Labor


  • Stillbirthday Doula and Bereavement Certification

  • Certified VBAC doula with the VBACLink

  • Madriella Childbirth Educator  Certification

  • Spinning Babies Workshop

  • Hypnobabies Hypno--doula training


  • Madriella Massage for Laboring Women

  • Madriella Breastfeeding Educator

  • Spinning Babies Workshop

Click the images to view my credentials

Cindi Doula Services Certified Birth Doula
Cindi Doula Services Certified Postpartum Doula
Cindi Doula Services Professional Development Certificate
Cindi Doula Services Certified Stillbirthday
Cindi Doula Services- Cerifited Childbirth Educator
Cindi Doula Services- Certified Hypnodoula

Serving families in the Charleston and surrounding areas.

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