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My Services

Birth Doula Package


  • 2 in home prenatal visits     (32-34 weeks, 34-36 weeks) 

    • Topics coved: Birth preferences, How to be prepared mental, emotional and physically for birth, how to make informed decisions, hands on comfort techniques, general breastfeeding education, how to prepare for postpartum life, and so much more.

  • Full labor and birth support

  • After birth I stay for 30-60 mins to make sure everyone is doing well.

  • Any educational information requested 

  • 1 postpartum visit (3-7 days after birth)​

Postpartum Doula Package

           Limited availability 

  • Includes food prep, assisting with light household tasks, and other forms  of support as appropriate and necessary.

  • Priced per hour (4 hour minimum shifts) 

  • Any educational information requested 

Childbirth Education Classes
$275 per couple
  • 3 two hour sessions (includes workbook)
  • Unit One
    • Parents will understand how their body works during pregnancy, birth and immediately following the birth.
    • Parents will understand the normal progression of labor and some common variations.

    • Parents will learn to identify the stages of labor through the frequency and intensity of contractions, as well as the behavioral signs of the mother. They will learn how to determine when to call their care provider, and when to go to birth location.

  • Unit Two

    • Educate parents on comfort measure for labor

    • Discuss alternative and medical options for pain management

    • Practice positions and comfort measures to help labor progress, assist babies into the optimal position and relieve discomfort.

  • Unit Three

    • Parents will understand what to expect immediately following birth and in the weeks after, including what is normal and warning signs.

    • Parents will identify and plan ahead for ways that they can keep the postpartum time as low-stress as possible.

Comfort  Measures Class
  • 2 hour class taught in your home
  • Hands on experience
    • We talk about the different techniques and why they can helpful and then we do all the positions so you are comfortable doing them during ​
  • Take home booklet
    • photo and descriptions for each techniques so it is easy to use for practice and during labor.
Breastfeeding Your Baby
  • 2 hour class taught in your home.​​
  • Take home booklet
    • great tool to refer to after birth,
Bundle Packages
  • Childbirth Education, Comfort Measures                     & Breastfeeding                                                   $400
  • Comfort Measures & Breastfeeding                     $125

Serving families in the Charleston and surrounding areas.

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